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Single User License: This is for installation on one computer alone at the business site. This license is not transferable to any other site or company/corporate location. This license works well for very small companies, who will have only one person using Visual Instructor software. COST: $2,495.00.

Site License: This is available to any and every computer at the physical site (location). This license is not transferable to any other site or company/corporate location. This works well for medium and larger companies, where more than one person will be creating Visual Work Instructions using Visual Instructor. This also works well, if there is employee involvement in creation work instruction and attempting to convert the factory work instructions over to visual work instructions. Most customers opt for this license, since it is only $800.00 more and is cheaper than two single user licenses. COST: $3.495.00

Enterprise License: For companies with multiple Sites (locations): 3 or more Site License purchases are automatically discounted at 25% of the site license cost. There is also the option of a maintenance fee for Blackwell & Associates to keep Visual Instructor Software up to date with fixes and new versions. This is set at 20% of the Enterprise License purchase per year. The Maintenance Fee would be billed annually at date of original purchase. COST: $3,495.00 (per site with 25% discount) on each purchase.

Upgrade to latest version: The upgrade to the latest version if you have previously purchased Visual Instructor Software (enter company name and existing version (in the Help/about) . COST $500.00

Small company or start up company: We offer a pricing initiatives to assist in helping you purchase the software. Please call us at 303-907-2700 for more information.